If you are living in Waco, you are in luck. You have access to the competitive electricity market, and Texpo is ready to serve you.  Texpo Energy has customers from all over the great state of Texas, including Waco, and it would be a privilege for us to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.  Your fixed rate is just a few clicks away!

What brought us to Waco? Let's cut to the chase – we want to wow you and your neighbors in Waco with exceptional service and competitive rates.

Choosing Electricity in Waco

There's been word around Waco that some aren't 100% sure how companies like Texpo supply their electricity.  Not to worry – we’ll cover it here.

The wires running to your business or home are owned by a utility, or as we call it in Texas, a TDSP (transmission and distribution service provider).  Texpo, and other companies like it here in Waco, purchase electricity to send over the TDSP’s lines.  You are free to choose any one of these companies. Of course, we recommend Texpo Energy.

Once you've made the smart choice to switch to Texpo, the TDSP will still be responsible for maintaining the physical lines in Waco and ensuring that the electricity gets there reliably.  As such, if bad weather or some mishap affects Waco, the TDSP will be on top of repairing the lines and restoring you to service.

You may wonder if the TDSP will bill you for these services.  At Texpo, we make it simple – all of those TDSP charges will be included in a single, easy-to-read bill sent right to your door in Waco, listed right next to Texpo's competitive rate.

Texpo Energy in Waco

If there is one thing everyone knows about our great state, it's that we have pride. Pride in Texas. Pride in Waco. Here is what we are proud of at Texpo:

  • Competitive rates
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Top rating with the Public Utility Commisison
  • Customer service expertise

Plans for Waco

When you are with Texpo Energy, there are a world of plan options available to you, in Waco.

  • Fixed Rates
  • Short and long term plans
  • Variable month-to-month rates
  • Electronic billing
  • Autopay
  • Electronic billing
  • Green energy plans

Texpo Energy helps you make the most of your business and family, right here in Waco.  We would love to hear from you!