Here you will find basic information about electricity service in Texas and with Texpo Energy.  Let us know if there's something you don't see here.

How is electricity different in Texas than in other states?
Texas has a deregulated, three-tier system.  This means the power plants that generate the electricity, the distribution grid that brings your business or home the electricity, and the company that sells you the electricity itself are all owned by different companies.
What kind of company is Texpo Energy?
Texpo Energy is a retail electricity provider (REP).  This means we are the company that purchases the electricity on the open market.  We then offer it to our customers at a competitive rate.  We are out there every day bringing you the electricity you need at the competitive rates you expect.
Does Texpo Energy own the lines that run to my business or home?
The power lines and physical equipment that brings the electricity to your business or home are owned by transmission/distribution service providers (TDSPs).  You may also hear these companies referred to as “the utility”.  Texpo Energy works with the TDSPs to ensure that your electricity service is provided reliably and consistently.
What will happen when I switch to Texpo Energy?
From your perspective, until your first Texpo Energy bill arrives, nothing will appear to have changed.  You will get the same electricity you have previously received from the TDSP.  The only difference is that Texpo Energy will be out on the market purchasing it for you.
When will my service begin with Texpo Energy?
Texas customers are switched within 1-3 days.   You are also able to select switch dates and move-in dates.   One of our helpful customer service agents can provide more details about your switch and move-in options.
What are the benefits of AutoPay?
With AutoPay, you are never late to pay your bill.  No more late fees and no additional payment processing fee!